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2017 A League of Integrity

Lookouts Overcome Adversity

In life, we are presented with opportunities to do the right thing even when it may be difficult, impact others negatively, and costly. These are the moments that true character and integrity are shown.

The Lookouts have been unfairly criticized for this photo by other players, managers and leagues in the Sacramento area. Called out for not having uniforms, looking like a joke of a team, a sandlot group, and showing disrespect for the game. How could a league allow a group like this play? This league is a joke. Who would want to play with them? This team is made up of a fine group of individuals. One team member has been invited on multiple occasions to and did tryout for the U.S. Women's Baseball Team. Another spends his free time traveling back to his home country providing baseball equipment for the underprivileged so they can learn the game we all love. And another is a member of our Law Enforcement community dedicating his life to protecting and serving others. But this team was victimized. A coach collected all of their league fees and uniform money and kept it all for himself. He never paid the league or ordered their uniforms. Several thousands of dollars were stolen from them. What was the league to do? League fees were not paid. Money that was collected to cover uniforms, insurance, fields, umpires, balls, everything needed to play. Do we let them to play or say sorry and cancel their games? If they're allowed to play do we make them go out and buy uniforms even though they had already paid for them? A decision was made to let them play and the NABA absorbed their loss. Why should this group be penalized for the criminal act of another. The Lookouts could have packed it in, but they stuck together and we could not have been prouder of them. Thank you for being part of the River City NABA, for sticking together and having a great season!

FYI...The Lookouts lost the Championship Game 7-6 in 14 innings.

Have a great off-season!

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