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Field use Expectations, Guidelines & lost equipment fines


NOTE: Failure to follow these rules may lead to manager suspension, offending players suspension and/or up to a team reimbursing the league for field rental fees for any field lost due to violation of any of these policies! 



To All Team Managers and ball players: please read carefully and commit to memory. The following is basically the "do's and don'ts" of field use on every high school and college facility used by River City NABA. Violation of any of these points could result in the loss of a field. Our fields are our most valuable resource, without them scheduling becomes difficult. Observe the following rules at all times;



  • NEVER, EVER DO "SOFT TOSS" AGAINST ANY FENCE. This has been stressed for years now and should be common knowledge. Hitting a baseball into chain link will cause the bottom to curl up and effect permanent damage and provide an injury hazard . The only way to do this acceptably is with whiffle balls. 


  • ABSOLUTELY NO TOBACCO PRODUCTS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS OR WHERE POSTED.  This is a school district policy for ever school field we play on. We have lost schools in the past over this. This means we can't smoke it, chew it, dip it, snort it or whatever. This is a hard habit for some to break, but it must be broken. 


  • NO ALCOHOL. (for public parks, check notices posted) We have all know this since the league started in 1993. Not in the dugouts, stands or for sure even in the parking lots after the game. Not observing this rule can brings the "death sentence" to a field use. Note; any player reported drinking ALCOHOL during a game will automatically be suspended two games. 


  • NEVER LEAVE YOUR TEAM'S TRASH IN THE DUGOUT.  Always pickup/clean up your teams trash, garbage, plastic bottles, burger wrappers, line-up cards, and whatever else you might bring in. There's always a trash can near if you actually look for it. Very easy thing to do, not too physically taxing. Just do it! 


  • ALL fields require maintenance upon completion of a game or practice, either before and/or during the season, unless other arrangements have been made.


  • The visiting teams shall drag the infield and base paths when a drag is available, before, between and after games.


  • The home teams shall rake and fill holes on the pitchers' mound and at home plate before, between and after games.


  • Each team’s dugout and spectator area is to be swept out and cleaned of trash.


  • ANY team who fails to perform these duties after a practice or game will be fined.  The fine will be a minimum of $30.00 and not more than $200.00.  The team will also be subject to a 1-year league suspension.


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