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In 1993, the National Adult Baseball Association (NABA) was established in the Sacramento area, providing weekend baseball to adults of all ages and ability levels. Created was a fun, family oriented baseball environment, where players, managers, and fans felt privileged and honored to still play and enjoy the great game of baseball.


The Sacramento NABA, or SacNABA to those who played in the league, grew to nearly 70 teams, becoming one of the countries largest and most successful leagues. From 1995 through 2005, the best years in SacNABA history, David Stryker served as league Vice President, as well as commissioner, team manager and player. With a goal of providing players with the best adult baseball available, David was dedicated to excellence in league operations, communication, providing quality fields, proficient umpires, and a league schedule.


River City Adult Baseball and League President David Stryker is excited to be back as a members of the Sacramento area baseball community. With the experience and vision of new but experienced league leadership, and the legacy of the SacNABA to support them, River City Adult Baseball will be the premiere league for all players, managers, and fans in Sacramento.

Divisions are organized by age groups, the largest division of play is the Open Division (18 & Over). The NABA also features 25 & Over, 35 & Over, 45 & Over and 55 & Over Divisions.


Where participation levels permit, leagues will be divided into two or more competitive divisions. These divisions are classified by experience level. The advanced level (AAA) typically is for players who have 3-4 years of college and/or professional experience. The intermediate level (AA) generally is for players with high school or some college experience. The recreational level (A) provides an opportunity for players whose love of the game perhaps exceeds their level of experience. This divisional structure provides a level field for each player. Regardless of experience and ability level, the NABA seeks to foster a competitive environment that is challenging for all involved.


River City Adult Baseball and NABA will be a fun, family oriented baseball environment, where players, managers, and fans feel privileged and honored to still play the great game of baseball. It’s not about signing big league contracts, but developing friends and a community of adult baseball players who feel blessed to still have the ability and opportunity to still play the game they love. It's not about being paid to play, but about the opportunity to still compete and play the game hard, and to earn a win or a championship through a combined effort of other individuals who love the game and are blessed to still be able to play. If you are one of those players, where it is more important to play for the love of the game, for friendships, and to compete for the honor of the game; then River City Adult Baseball and NABA is a place for you!


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