Frequently Asked Questions

What divisions/levels of play will the league have?

Depending on signups, we will be having multiple age and ability levels.

What Bats will be allowed?

We will follow NABA rules regarding bats. They are as follows: All wood, aluminum, graphite, and ceramic bats are allowed for league play provided they conform to specifications described in rule 1.10(a) of the OFFICIAL BASEBALL RULES. Aluminum, graphite, and ceramic bats must not have a bare handle. The bat must have a grip (leather, rubber, tape, etc). Bats that have a -3oz differential in weight vs length or less are currently eligible.

What about wood bats?

If there is enough interest in a wood bat division, one will be created. Otherwise, we are planning on utilizing wood bats on Father's Day.

How do I sign Up?

Register for the tryout and we will keep you posted as to where and when the tryout is so that you can get placed on a team. If you missed the tryout, we keep a player pool all year long and give players out to the managers when needed. River City NABA is always looking for full or partial teams as well. If you have a group of guys that would like to play together, we can make a team out of you.

When and where is the player tryout?

The tryout takes place in February each year. If you missed the tryout and would still like to play, please sign up for the player pool on the site. The River City NABA player tryout is used to place players on teams that need them! These are just placement tryouts -- a tool to ensure competitive balance throughout the league. River City NABA is committed to providing an opportunity for ALL adult players with a passion for the game to get involved.

What happens if I'm not drafted?

If our rosters fill up before ALL players are drafted, those un-drafted players will be placed in the player pool from which managers will draw new players when needed. If the number of un-drafted players exceeds 15 we will attempt to create a new team! Our player pool is almost always empty. Players who try out and are drafted sometimes find themselves unable to play. As openings come up, managers turn to the player pool to fill them.

When does the season start?

We open our summer season up on July 23, 2017. We will play a 10-game season. The playoffs and championships generally take place in September. Each division will also have its own All-Star Game.

When and Where are games played?

All games take place on Sundays. General start times are 10:00am, 2:00pm, 6:00pm. All games are played at local High Schools and city fields within the Sacramento area.

How much will it cost me to participate in River City NABA?

The average player fee will vary from team to team because of the potential for sponsorship and uniform costs but the average fee runs between $250-$350 per player during the spring season, less for summer. Your player fee covers the following: Liability Insurance Fields Awards NABA T-shirts UMPIRE FEES Equipment costs* Uniforms* * indicates costs collected at manager's discretion.

When is the money due?

Again, this is up to each manager, but our managers must pay team fees to the league office 2 weeks prior to opening day.

How can I sign up for the player pool?

Click HERE!

Who is eligible to play?

Anyone who is over 18 years of age and loves the game. We have numerous ability levels for everyone to play.


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